Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ok I know...I'm a slack ass!!!

Ok I know that I am a total, complete slack ass, but I have had SOOOOO much going on in my life. From my husband's affair with a 17 year old girl, to moving out into MY OWN apartment, changing jobs, and generally having my life turned upside down and then shooken up, I have just been a tad bit busy. I have still been trying to do a quite a bit of knitting, crocheting and stuff like that, but I don't know about FINISHING all of the projects that I have been starting. I can definately say that I finished a crocheted scarf and a hat...other than that, I just have a WHOLE LOT of things that I have started...and not really done much with. I have been trying to learn a bit more about the whole crochet thing. I learned the basics of it when I was like 11 or 12 from my mom and made a couple half asses afghans that I probably NEVER finished, but now I'd like to perfect the art of it. For some reason, I have trouble making a straight edge on the sides....I am not quite sure what I'm doing wrong, but in general, it doesn't look bad to the untrained eye, but *I* know that it's kinda jacked up. I have still been trying to make it to my weekly knitting meetings. I've missed a few, but I still go as often as my slack ass, soon to be ex will allow since he only likes to watch the kids for me when I'm at work....God FORBID I actually have a little time to myself. I have managed to make a little time to hang out with a new male friend of mine. He's a very sweet guy and he has made this whole fiasco with Josh a lot easier to deal with since I have someone HERE in COLORADO that I can actually talk to and hang out with and makes me smile. It's DEFINATLY something that is MUCH NEEDED for me these days.
Well, I just wanted to catch everyone up on what is going on in my crazy hectic, ever-changing life and I will be updating MUCH MORE OFTEN ( I PROMISE) about my knitting. Right now I am unable to upload new pics to my computer from my camera because my USB cable shit the bed. I have another one on the way and it should be here soon and once it does, I'll be able to show some pictures of my new new FINISHED STUFF, ya hear that AMBER....FINISH YOUR PROJECTS DAMMIT!!! Yes, I've resorted to talking to myself in my blog...scary. Anyhow, peace and love to everyone.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, after dealing with all of the bullshit that i have going on...and being sick on top of that, so I decided to do some retail therapy at Hobby Lobby. They were having a sale on yarn and all that good stuff. I decided to go a little crazy. I have finally decided that I have a yarn addiction. I have WAYYYY too much yarn and I just keep buying more and more and more. What can I say, I'm a yarn whore :) I guess there are a lot worse things that I could be addicted to. Shit, I've probably have already been addicted to those TOO! I also bought some more needles and cables to go with my knitting needle set so I can do some knitting with two circuars. I think that would make it a lot easier for me to finish some socks because I can't seem to get going too well with DPNS because there is just so much damn juggling when I have to use them. Though I AM bound and determined to finish a PAIR of socks. I still have the partially finished one that I made when I first started knitting. That one pissed me off so damn bad that it's just incentive to make sure that I get this pair RIGHT!!!!! I just wanted to post my new stash that I bought in a fit of rage though. It's pretty at least :) even if I don't get to use it for another two years...haha!!!
]Try not to pay TOO much attention to my dirty carpet...I left out a couple things....another ball of that pretty pink Luscious and a stitch counter, and another set of needles. Yeah I know...I'm bad. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok so I finally finished my Cleaves....but when I bound off....I did it a little too tight. So before I'm able to wear it, I'll have to rebind off. Not a big deal At least I finished it right :) Purdy huh? I think it is.
I went to the yarn shop down the street. Not the one that I NORMALLY go to...ya know, the one that starts with *W* I got myself some pretty pretty sock yarn and I got some other pretty stuff too. The color doesn't really show up as good in the pictures as it does in person, but trust me. It's beautiful. I have no idea of what I'm gonna make with it, but whatever it is, it's gonna be awesome and comfy.

I'm starting to catch whatever it is that the boys had. Which is just LOVELY...lemme tell ya. Things just keep getting better and better around here...yeah.
Anyhow, I'm working on a pair of socks with the new sock yarn that I got...and a little shrug with some pretty blue yarn that i got. I think that the only thing that is keeping me sane right now is my knitting. Otherwise, I'd probably fucking hurt someone. That still may happen though. ha

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've been working my ass off on Cleaves and I'm ALMOST done. All I have is about 5 more inches of knitting to do on the actual cowl part and then I'll finally be DONE!!! YAY! We'll see how I like it once it's done though huh? Either way, I'll still be able to wear it around the house. Cuz it really looks comfy as hell. The yarn is cheap and it's not the softest, but it's still gonna be a cozy sweater regardless.
Shit is been going ok at my new's a LOT more calm now that Xmas and the chaos that came with it is over, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I am sure that Vday is going to be TWICE as fucking hectic!!! But one thing that will kinda take the sting off of that, is that Big Brother starts on the 12th of February and anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE me some BB. Thanks to the writer's strike, they are starting early this year and then it will be on again in the summer. YAY!!! At least SOMETHING is going halfway decent for me....even if it IS just some cheesy reality show. It'll help take my mind off of how fucked up everything ELSE in my life is these days.
Shit, I didn't even go to my knitting meeting this weekend....I don't know WHY I didn't, but I decided to stay home and try to get along with Josh and watch some football and we ended up going to get some sushi and stuff. I think I would have rather went to the meeting. That's ok, I'll be there next weekend :)
I decided to post a pic of myself that i took last week. I decided to do SOMETHING that would give my hair a little different of a look and I cut myself some bangs. They are pretty cute actually. Since my hair is all the way down to my waist, it's kinda hard to do anything other than leave it down, put it in a ponytail, or put it in a bun....not a lot of variety when hair gets THAT long. Maybe I'll get a wild hair up my ass and hack it the fuck off. Might as well right :)
Well, as soon as I finish my Cleaves, I'll post a finished picture of it. Until then I'll be going crazy, hating my life, and working my ass off :) Hope your day is better

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So, I finally finished my basketweave scarf the night before last!!! FINALLY! Since it's too late to give it to my father in law for Xmas, I'm gonna give it as a birthday present since it's coming up in a week or so. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but i'll post it soon though. I am still plucking away at my Cleaves though....It's kinda boring since it's the same old thing for row after row after row. Also, the fact that it's on DPN's only makes it suck even more, but I am determined to finish it because it's my biggest piece so far and I'm GONNA do it. This is what i have so far:It's not exactly my kinda colors, but I DO like the yarn that it's in and the colors. It's just not colors that I typically wear though.
So, last night after work, I went to Hobby Lobby and I treated myself for all of the hard work that I put in over Xmas at work. I bought myself a set of circular needles and it's got sizes 2-15 so I think that should be great for just about everything that I would need. I also got 2 sets of DPN's. I was so happy with it last night that I even slept with it beside me :) Yeah, I KNOW I'm a dork...what's it to ya? Here are my treats in all thier glory :)
I couldn't be any happier!!!!
I also took some pictures of a couple of things that i made at work today. They turned out really pretty so I decided to post em :)Pretty spiffy huh? The topiary took forever to make though. I was proud of it though. Well, I just wanted to show off my goodies, but I'll be posting more often now that things have KINDA chilled out for me. They will be a lot easier at least until Valentine's Day comes rolling around. Then it's another couple of weeks of HELL at work. Oh well, I hope that everyone has a good week. Much Love

Monday, January 7, 2008

OH boy, oh boy!

So those of you that talk to me on a regular basis already KNOW the craziness that is my life. But between my hecitc life, my crazy job, and just life in general, I just hadn't had time to knit. I had a bunch of projects that i wanted to finish for Xmas, but I never was able to because I was working too much. After Christmas was over though, I bought some new yarn on my birthday and I started a couple new projects. I did Jackyl + Hide and FINISHED IT!!! It only took me 3 days to do and that was including the time that I was at work for at least 9 hours. I would come home and knit and I finished that bitch in record time :)

I am STILL working on my other basketweave scarf for my father-in-law and it just seems like it's NEVER going to get done. His birthday IS coming instead of a Xmas present, it'll have to be a bday one instead. Whatever, right!

I am also working on Cleaves from I dont' feel like linking to it, but if you feel like looking it if'll just have to wait for pictures of when it's done. Whenever THAT will be. This will be my largest project so far and I'm a little nervous about it. I'm sure it'll turn out just fine though :)

Last night, I went to a knitting group at a bookstore in Manitou Springs that my friend Erika told me about and it was really nice. The people that were there are super nice and they had yummy food and they even sell wine!!! What more can you ask for right? Not to mention, I was able to get away from Josh and the kids for about 3 that in itself was worth going. I'm definatly gonna be going back though. It's great!

Other than the few things that I have already written about, not much is new. I don't feel like getting into the personal craziness that is going on, but the people that are reading this already know, so it probably isn't all that neccessary ANYWAYS! Hope that everyone had a great New Years and all that fun stuff


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hahah I THOUGHT it was something to celebrate!

Well I have been working pretty much NON-FUCKING-STOP since I posted last. I did get a day off yesterday on Xmas...not because they were gracious enough to give it to me off....but because I took that shit! These people are out of thier fucking minds. The owner wanted me to bring my KIDS to the shop and put them to bed upstairs (where all of the BREAKABLE wedding stuff is kept mind you) and I told her she had lost her fucking mind. I worked about 75 hours just last week. That means I got about 25 hours of overtime. The owner offered me a position as a manager, but I don't think that I want it...AT ALL! That would require me quitting my other job and I just don't think that I am prepared to do that. I love my other job and I have NO intentions of leaving. She asked me to try it out for 2 weeks to see if she likes me as mgr and if I like being mgr and IF I wanted to take it, then I would put in my 2 week notice then, but after this holiday and and seeing just how fucked up this place is....FUCK THAT! The lady that hired me...has now quit so at the moment, I'm the ONLY designer that they have. It's a lot of bullshit to deal with as it is, but to have to do that AND be a manager too....FUCK NO! She isn't willing to pay me enough to do that.
I did actually try to do a little bit of knitting last night and I started a new project. I still have to make Josh's dad's scarf, but I started Scleaves last night. At the rate that i have been knitting, I don't know WHEN that will ever get done, but at least I've got something going right? :) I need something to keep my sanity right now with all of the fucked up shit that has been going on at home. Well I'm exhausted and I have some pics that I need to post, but don't really have the energy to do that I'll write more later though!
Much Love,